Two Clix from KO: A Heroclix Podcast

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Episode 184 - Zack Strong

Aaron is joined by Zack Strong of the Pacific Northwest group. Together they discuss Roc Nationals, Fantastic Four figures, and a variety of questions form the listeners.

Episode 183 - Jason Collins

Aaron is Joined by Jason Collins from Married with Clix. Together they discuss the upcoming Fantastic Four set, answer questions from listeners, and discuss the growing issue of trading/selling internationally.

Episode 182 - Edward Shelton

Aaron is joined by the hall of famer, Edward Shelton. Together they discuss the new JLU set, the current state of competitive play, and many other clix topics.

Episode 181 - Patrick Yapjoco

Aaron is joined by 3 time World Champion Patrick Yapjoco

Episode 180 - Aaron and AJ

Aaron and AJ pass the time in lockdown by discussing the upcoming JLU set as well as changes made to release dates by Wizkids before answering questions form listeners

Episode 179 - Short and Simple

Aaron is still experiencing some small computer issues so he records only a short episode to get back into the swing of things.

Episode 178 - State of the Show/Updates

Aaron records solo and gives some updates on the status of the show and the direction moving forward. He also reviews some events he has been to recently and looks forward to events coming. Lastly, he answers questions from listeners.

Episode 177 - Results and Questions

Aaron and Ares discuss results from recent major events and answer fan questions about a variety of subjects

Episode 176 - Steve and Tony

Ares and Aaron are joined by special guests Steve DiCarlo and Tony Rodriguez. Together the group talk about Pauper States/Provincials, WWE clix, Tournament integrity, and answer questions from the listeners.

Episode 175 - Paid Pauper

Ares and Aaron discuss the upcoming pauper states/provincial championships, the recent changes and erratas from Wizkids, and the new WWE set that just released.

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