Two Clix from KO: A Heroclix Podcast

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Episode 173 - The Big Red Machine

In this episode, Aaron and Ares discuss the recent WWE and X-men previews, new info coming out of ROC, and all other irrelevant topics like UFC and the Sony and Disney split.

Episode 172 - The Eagles

Aaron is joined by Cory, Chip, and Bryan from the Eaglecast and together they talk about all things Heroclix including the new ROC prize kits.

Episode 171 - Kennie Peña

Aaron and Ares are joined by special guest, Kennie Peña, to discuss the upcoming world championships, the recently held nationals, and a variety of other topics.

Episode 170 Nationals and more

Ares and Aaron discuss nationals and its impact on the game moving forward, along with rotation, and a little bit about player etiquette.

Episode 169 - The Illuminati

Avengers: Black Panther and the Illuminati has dropped and Nationals are around the corner. Aaron and Ares discuss these things along with other topics brought on by listeners including trading internationally and our favorite movies

Episode 168 - Ultra Clix!

Aaron and Ares talk largely about the upcoming Avengers Black Panther and the Illuminati set while they discuss questions from listeners. They also discuss recent events and events to come.

Episode 167 - Changes are coming…

Aaron and Ares go over the new announcements from Wizkids, discuss upcoming previews, and answer listeners' questions.

Episode 166 - Rebirth/States

Aaron and Ares discuss ROC States, DC Rebirth, upcoming National Championships Exclusives, and more.

Episode 165 - Rebirth with AJ

in this episode Two Clicks from KO is in full force with AJ joining the discussion. Together, the guys discuss all the info from the recent DC Rebirth unboxing videos, the upcoming X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga, and answer questions from the listeners.

Episode 164 - GAMA Trade Show

Aaron and Ares band together to go over the overwhelming amount of information coming out of the GAMA trade show as well as discuss the upcoming Modern Age Rotation, all before answering questions from the listeners.