Two Clix from KO: A Heroclix Podcast

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Episode 164 - GAMA Trade Show

Aaron and Ares band together to go over the overwhelming amount of information coming out of the GAMA trade show as well as discuss the upcoming Modern Age Rotation, all before answering questions from the listeners.

Episode 163 - Impromptu

Aaron and Ares record an unplanned episode. They discuss shortly Captain Marvel and DC Rebirth sets. Then they answer questions all the way from Japan

Episode 162 - Edward Shelton

Ares and Aaron are joined by clix personality and host of the Starting Over podcast, Edward Shelton. Together the three will discuss recent Earth X sealed events, Earth X's impact on the competitive environment, and Heroclix as a whole. 

Episode 161 - George Massu

On this week's episode, we speak with the legendary George Massu. We discuss recent participation and judging of Win-a-Map events, ROC Online events, and high stakes clix.

Episode 160 - New Equipment

On this week's show, Aaron and Ares continue to talk about the recent Earth X previews and the new equipment in them. They also work out a new format for recording the show and answer questions from the listeners.

Episode 159 - Earth X Incoming

On this episode, Aaron and Ares discuss the current previews from the upcoming Earth X expansion as well as the January ROC maps and address questions form listeners.

Episode 158 - Goodbye 2018

It's the end of the year and there has been a ton of announcements from the Realms Open Championship. Aaron and Travis discuss the good and bad of them and reflect on the last year of clix and discuss some things to look forward to.

Episode 157 - Steve DiCarlo

On this episode, Aaron introduces his new cohost, Travis Roberts. Together, they speak with Steve DiCarlo about the recent Wizkids Heroclix World Championships, Majestix Open Series Finale, and announcements from the Realms Open Championship.

Episode 156 - Ares Edge

Aaron is joined by Ares Edge. Together they talk about WKO, ROC World Cup, Worlds, and just general clix b.s.-ing.

Episode 155 - George Massu

Aaron is joined by the GOAT, George Massu. Together they discuss all the fallout from ROC World Cup, 2018 Worlds at PAX East, and discuss some troubling issues with George's stalker.